King’s Proclamation: The Big Ten

West Lafayette is in the heart of the nation’s most respected group of teams, the Big Ten conference. Since it was established in 1896, the Big Ten always had one or two championship contenders each year. Over the last few years the conference has been especially great in basketball, over the last 8 years the Big […]

Indiana true bball state

Indiana. When said, most people think of a few things: Corn, more corn and basketball. Growing up in the Hoosier state and watching basketball, I have learned one thing: it doesn’t get any better than Indiana basketball. I’ve heard it all; Bobby Plump’s game-winner in the 1954 state title game to give underdog Milan the win to […]

future of NFL appears bright

In the game of football, it is a given that even a great player’s career will come to an end. Although the fans that adore these players deny that their favorite athlete will quit playing, it’s bound to happen. Whether it be from retirement or injuries, all players will eventually quit they game they love. With the […]

Fantasy Football season here

When the season of fall rolls around, there is always one event that stands out in the minds of sports fans. Football, whether its college or professional, is loved by most Americans. Some fans enjoy finding a favorite team and rooting for them week in and week out. Others only root for those teams that […]

Making long distance relationships work

If your relationship made it to the end of the school year, you’re probably wondering what’s next. You may be going off to college, going on an exchange program for the summer or just going on a family vacation; and you’re probably trying to decide whether to stay in your relationship or call it quits. […]

To pay or not to pay…

Since the rise of the feminist woman, the male population has had numerous questions, one being “Who pays for the date?” The preference in this subject changes from girl to girl, so here are a few tips to keep from getting either dumped because you didn’t pay, or dumped because you did. First of all, […]

Student Survival 101: Hallway Terrors

By Alyse Allred West Side is one of those schools graced by a fairly-manageable sized student body. Which means that you are afforded at least a couple inches of elbow room in the hallways. Usually. Of course there are always exceptions. At those times, that pretty little personal bubble goes pop. Sometimes you’re lucky to […]

Student Survival 101–Club Control

 By Alyse Allred Over the last couple weeks, I’ve noticed a change in the locker bays (aside from the fresh, first-nine-weeks stench). Whereas earlier everything was barren, we are now practically drowning in brightly colored fliers. This, of course, can only mean one thing: The clubs have arrived. With the first term nearing its end, […]

Student Survival 101: Textbook Troubles

By Alyse Allred Well, it’s that time of year again, when the school bell lassos in the students from that oh-so-short summer vacation.  As always, West Side welcomes students, both new and returning.  On this note, it might be good to start the year mentioning some safety guidelines regarding textbooks that probably aren’t in your […]