Construction takes over office

Over spring break, West Lafayette Jr. Sr. High School began major construction on the main office area. The high school office, guidance counselor’s rooms and the nurse’s room have all been changed in some way.

West Side makes more changes

With school violence becoming more and more common, schools all around the United States and other countries are finding ways to step up their security, and West Lafayette Jr./ Sr. High School is no different. West Side was constructed more than 70 years ago, and it is still finding ways to improve its’ look and efficiency. Less than […]

School must adapt after change

Over the summer, West Lafayette High School underwent major changes both cosmetic and practical.   The old locker bay was removed, the cafeteria was expanded (if you were wondering why carpet was put in, the floor was too damaged for tile) and a string of new classrooms were installed. A sense of community is essential to […]

School changes over Summer

West Lafayette Jr./ Sr. High School has been changing rapidly since its construction more than 70 years ago. In the last three years, the Junior High locker bay has been moved, the commons area has been put in, an entire locker bay has been relocated and the cafeteria has been expanded. Through all of these changes, the […]

New roads put in

The city of West Lafayette is drawing a slew of construction projects to their close.  A new roundabout on Northwestern has been added in addition to the  roundabouts popping up on Cumberland, some of which lay on new stretch of road close to the athletic complex.   Brad Krause’14 has mixed feelings about the new construction. […]

Classrooms, cafeteria to change

During this up coming summer West Side will see a lot changes. Jovon Rayl A.I.A. of KJG architecture said that “the object [of the summer construction] is to create three new classrooms in this area, rework some art classrooms, and then increase the cafeteria space for new sitting.” The classes will be added to the first floor where […]

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