Debate is more than meets the eye

The door to classroom 2227, Mr. Levy’s haven on a typical day, now opened to host one of October’s  Novice Public Forum debate rounds. Participants of the last round filed out, chatting about this and that and winding down from the debate. The next competitors entered, balancing binders and laptops, sizing up the judge just as […]

News Briefs

VISTA cancels dance VISTA, a club that puts on two semi-formal dances per year, canceled its remaining dance in light of low ticket sales. The decline in attendance has been caused by the changes in rules, confirming fears among the student body that the new rules would decrease dance attendance.  “There were very low ticket sales, due […]

Seriously Speaking 2/27/14

If you had to rename the school mascot, what would you name it?    

New tech class comes to WL

Starting next year, the school will offer a new course called Computer Repair/Technical Support. This class is designed to fill a void in the technical education offered by this school, namely,  how to physically repair computers. The school board construction approval request describes the class this way: “Students could earn credit for learning how to work on […]

Tornadoes sweep the county

The first Saturday of every month, a series of sirens set throughout Tippecanoe County undergoes a system test. On Sunday, the 17th of November, however, the sirens that sounded weren’t testing anything. A total of five tornadoes hit Tippecanoe County, knocking out power across the county during Indiana’s third most active tornado day ever. Duke […]

WL Dances Displease

Dances occupy a particular place in the American high school experience. Specifically, they are a mix of fun and drama, depending on the various levels of preparation and, of course, the people. However, at West Side in particular, dances are an anchor of drama. Last year, there was extensive controversy concerning the “grinding” that had […]

New Teachers Flock to West Side


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