How 2 B Hawt Ovr Txt

Since 2007, communication among couples across America has integrated texting, but whereas there are clear rules regarding face-to-face conversation, because it’s literally what separates humans from animals, texting rules are more obscure, as texting is only what separates the 30 year olds from the 20 and under year olds. The ultimate rule to texting is […]

Meet parents with class

When you meet a sweet new boo thang, the last thing on your mind in terms of a relationship is probably the future, but let me tell you, a relationship, like SARS or the plague, gets more serious the longer you leave it unattended. Eventually, it reaches the stage where you have to meet the […]

Men opressed in dating

The following is a Letter to the Editor written by Charles Hansen ’13. Why do we still live in a backwards society? When confronted with perceived disparities in maturity, the correct response is not to assume superiority, but to take all surrounding factors into perspective. In the article “The Boy Problem Grows,” published on January […]

Prepare for Promenade Plight

April 1st officially marks the kickoff of the shift from Prom being a side conversation to the epicenter of all locker bay gossip. The search for a date suddenly becomes a frantic wild goose chase. Everyone without a date becomes desperate and starts considering going with their cousin. People with a date try deliriously to […]

First Dates are Frustrating

The formality known as a first date is always more stressful than it should be. It’s the two to three hours of interaction where you have to unearth all the personality traits of a potential partner, whether for better or for worse. There are so many things that make a guy undateable, but so little […]

Valen-Time’s Epidemic

This Valentine’s Day, I could just give everyone tips on what to buy for girls or how to bear with the immense pain that comes with the dread of dying alone, but let’s be honest, we’re in high school. A teddy bear and roses is above and beyond all expectations, and unless you’re super weird […]

It’s Gift Giving Time

It’s the time of year again where your relationship is hinged on buying the perfect gift for your significant other. You are faced with the daunting task of imagining what gift your girlfriend has been hinting at for the past month, running the risk of ruining her life if you guess wrong. And your boyfriend […]

How to get guys to like you

One of the questions I get asked the most is “Hey Crystal, how do you bring all the boys to your yard?” And I’m always like it’s mostly because of my flawlessly symmetric face and ravishing body. So I guess my best tip on how to get guys is try your best to be Crystal […]

Let’s Get Physical

A huge question that members of both sexes ask is: “Do I have to be super hot?” The short answer to that question is: Yes. The long answer to that question is: Yes, absolutely definitely without a doubt in my brain. Ever since you have been a small child, people have been telling you that […]

Just Friends?

It seems to be the firm belief of the majority of the population that a male and a female cannot maintain a purely platonic relationship with no tension. Most people seem to think that close friendship is illegitimate between a boy and a girl unless there is some sort of tension. A guy can’t be […]

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