Around the World at West Side:

Getting to Know Foreign Students in a Deeper Level. West Side is known as a unique school that has welcomed, educated and escorted countless foreign students to universities. What might not be known is the native land that these students came from. Several foreign students sit quietly in their classes and speak only when they are spoken […]

Racism prominent at Purdue

In the past year, Purdue University has reported eleven hate crimes and hundreds of other racist incidents. The FBI  ranked the school second in the nation in the amount of hate crimes and racial incidents. On April 22, a march was hosted by the Purdue Black Cultural Center. The march was not intended to be in response to […]

Cultures collide at OCMC

Every year on the second Tuesday of February, West Side transforms into something akin to Disney World’s Epcot World Showcase through One Community Many Cultures (OCMC). At OCMC, not only are the countries of the required world languages of German, French, and Spanish represented, but also countries the countries of origin of West Side’s diverse […]

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