Itamar Raizman was born to paint

Itamar Raizman’14 has been passionate about art since he was young. “He was  born holding a brush,” said friend Caesar Ndelcu’14. “I just really like to paint and draw things.  I don’t know why but it’s fun,” Raizman said. According to friend Edgar Llamas’14, art runs in Raizman’s family.  “His whole family paints.  He paints, […]

Natalia Ochoa Strums to Her Own Tune

For many, playing the guitar is hard enough.  Playing two guitar parts in sync with each other?  Seemingly impossible.  But Natalia Ochoa’15 proves, again and again, that such a thing is possible.  She posts guitar covers of popular songs (such as “Skinny Love” by Bon Iver) on her Youtube channel, overdubbing herself to play both the […]

Mary Zhu ’15 is the Queen of Paper

  Give Mary Zhu ’15 a pair of scissors, some glue, and a piece of paper, and a masterpiece is made.  Zhu is skilled in any aspect of art, having taken 2-D art, Drawing I, and Ceramics, but she especially enjoys and excels at  paper art. Zhu’s paper art is like origami taken to the […]

Khoshal Saber paints history

Many artists love to work and have done so everywhere they can. Khoshal Saber ’13 has done art in Afghanistan, his home country, and the U.S. “I started art in Afghanistan. 2006 is when I started painting,” said Saber. After working at his art for a few years, Saber moved to the United States which […]

Smith imaginitive in art

Evan Smith ’13 has a knack for anything artistic. Whether it’s drawing, sketching, photography, or ceramics, Evan can create a masterpiece. Of the various artistic media, Evan usually sticks to pencil and paper and draws whatever comes to his imagination. Smith said, “When I draw, I usually just draw. I don’t really have set things […]

Schladetzky wired on art

Walk into the West Lafayette City Hall and you’ll see a small collection of welded sculptures. These aren’t made by some hired artist, but by one of West Side’s own seniors, Max Schladetzky. He uses welding and found objects to create his own unique pieces of art. “They’re very modern and an interesting perspective on […]

Julia Bell triumphs loudly

For Julia Bell, trumpet playing is who she is. “The band is such a big part of her, but she is also such a big part of the band,” says Paul Cassutt ‘13. Julia started playing flugel horn in fourth grade, and quickly switched over to the trumpet. Her interest in music was encouraged by […]

grace lim is the epitome of an artist

A lot of people are talented when it comes to art.  Some are just born with it.  One glance at Grace Lim ‘12 and her homemade bottle cap earrings reveal that she is an artsy person. “When I was really little I would just draw with crayons all over my apartment.  That probably wasn’t a […]

Featured Artist: Anuj Patel ’14

Enthusiasm for an exclusive instrument Few people can claim that they’ve heard of the sitar. Even fewer have actually   heard  it played. However, chances are, if you know Anuj Patel ’14, you’ve done one   or both. “Either they’re really surprised or they don’t believe me,” Patel said of the   people he is […]

Cassie Howard Snaps her way to Stardom

Ever since sophomore Cassie Howard got her little pink digital camera at age 11, she has been in love with photography. Cassie said, “My favorite thing about photography is that I can take someone, put them into a totally different environment and bring out their inner beauty.” Cassie believes that any emotion can be captured […]

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