William Mbongo soars

In sports there are some athletes that soar above the rest, and one such athlete is William Mbongo’14. He always liked running and physical activity in general, which is why he started sports. He stumbled upon basketball and never looked back. “I started playing basketball in 7th grade on the B team and worked my […]

Jerry Ma ’14 programs his future

Jerry Ma’13 knows what he wants and he goes for it.  For Ma, “it”  means balancing lining up career opportunities with spending time playing games with friends. Ma attributes his love for coding to his time spent making maps for his friends.   “Getting involved in StarCraft got me into the technology behind computers and […]

Daniel Rollock Excels

If anyone is having a tough day, a conversation with Daniel Rollock might just clear those rain clouds over their head and provide a little sunshine. He uses his positive energy to benefit others through his busy schedule of multiple activities and projects he does every week. One of the activities he participates in is the […]

Featured Senior: Drew Rudman

Drew Rudman ’13 is the director of his life. From film to friends, Drew Rudman ’13 brings to everything he does a strong work ethic and a positive attitude. “He’s a smart guy and a great friend who always thinks of others first,” said Justyn Roland ’13 Drew can often be seen on the sidelines […]

Owen Patrick laughs, loves

If you were sitting in the Freshmen locker bay, you would probably still be able to hear Owen Patrick ’13 yelling all the way from the Senior locker bay. Friend Carson Cruea ’13 describes him as “funny, outgoing, and obnoxious”; Patrick says, “I just love to get people to laugh.” Between school and work, Patrick doesn’t have much free, […]

Featured senior: Pauline Ravot

Pauline Ravot ‘13 lives by and embodies the Golden Rule: “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” Ravot dedicates her time to helping out friends and even complete strangers. “I like volunteering and helping people,”  Ravot said about herself. She has participated in many clubs in order to do just  that. […]

Patton lights the stage

Kelsey Patton ’13 can instantly turn anyone’s bad mood into a cheerful mood. Her friend, Maggie Furtner ’13, describes Patton’s dazzling personality as “happy, nice, bubbly, cute and whimsical. She’s such a good friend by being caring, sincere, fun, a perfect balance. Kelsey is the bomb dot com!” So what is the secret to Patton’s […]

Wylie Gorup

Wylie is involved in numerous clubs including Student Council (of which she was class president her Sophomore year), WeSSO, VISTA (vice president this year), SADD, yearbook, National Honors Society, and French Club. “I’ve met a lot of my friends in clubs, especially a lot of the upperclassmen when I was younger,” she said. Playing volleyball […]

Ellia Tsoukalas abounds with ambition

On the surface, senior Ellia Tsoukalas seems like your average West Side student: hardworking, and with lofty goals for the future that she will no doubt achieve. But after chipping away at her mysterious exterior, it was revealed that many scenes from her life combine to make her anything but ordinary.   Born in Thessaloniki, […]

Senior Lauren Connell livens up West Side

  The hallways of West Side are often filled with stressed-out students rushing to class. Very rarely do students take the time to acknowledge others. An exception to this rule is senior Lauren Connell. With a personality as sunny and shiny as her long, blonde hair, Lauren is said by friend Brandon Cebulla to “always […]