David Afolabi is awesomely skilled

“It’s awesome!” David Afolabi used this signature phrase to describe almost all aspects of his life–from his unique sense of humor to his love of technology. David is known throughout the school for his style of dress.  “I love sweater vests and collared shirts,” he explains.  He says it’s more comfortable and easier to dress […]

David Raley Is Truly an Admirable Admiral

You’re known as The Admiral, how did that name come about? David Raley: I was called The Admiral because of my interest in the Napoleonic Wars. Admiral, Lord Horatio Nelson, is a personal hero of mine. He won the battles of the Nile and Trafalgar through his own ingenuity and his cooperation with his officers. […]

Featured Senior Carissa Pekny

 By Alyse Allred In every class, you get those kids who know everybody. And then, of course, there are always those people who everybody knows. Among those is one of our seniors, Carissa Pekny. She is a jack of all trades, one of those people who manage to balance athletic and academic life, as is […]