The 2020 Election So Far

Tuesday, November 4 saw voters nationwide watching with bated breath as polls closed and states began counting ballots. Many anomalies occurred; from the largest voter turnout in 120 years to states going against their voting trends, this election kept everyone on their toes. While COVID-19 has forced the world to adapt to a “new normal,” […]

Westside Boiler Invasion Builds Up to Competition Season

It’s lunchtime. You’re strolling through the halls when suddenly you stumble upon a robot in the commons. Who brought this metal machine into the school? The Westside Boiler Invasion robotics team, of course! WBI is a club that builds robots, competes with them, and all the while completes website coding and organizes outreach events. WBI […]

Cooking up a storm

Nicole Pachasa’s enjoyment and passion for cooking really changed her life, and getting the job at West Side fulfilled her dream. One thing Miss Pachasa has special about her is being able to juggle her teaching life with an upcoming wedding to plan. Miss Pachasa said “I went to IUPUI for one year then transferred […]

Tornadoes sweep the county

The first Saturday of every month, a series of sirens set throughout Tippecanoe County undergoes a system test. On Sunday, the 17th of November, however, the sirens that sounded weren’t testing anything. A total of five tornadoes hit Tippecanoe County, knocking out power across the county during Indiana’s third most active tornado day ever. Duke […]

A cappella: where less is more

No instruments, no conductor, just voices and some sheet music. What could you possibly do with with only voices? As it turns out, many great things can happen, including the a cappella groups of West Side: Perfect Pitches and Priority Male. The first step to join Perfect Pitches, the girls’ a cappella group, is to […]

Tough Love: The first step to dating

Stage One: The Big Question “Will you go out with me?” These famous, awkward first words have been the start of many relationships, but what’s the story behind this banal phrase?  Does a lot of thought go into it, or is it just ad-libbed? Is the gesture appreciated, or are they hoping for more?   We asked […]

“Pretty Little Liars” grows

The popularity of Pretty Little Liars continues to grow

The highly anticipated Pretty Little Liars season 3 finale, “The Lady Killer”, failed to disappoint.  Packed with twists and turns in the plot, it kept die-hard PLL fans on the edge of their seats.  Secrets were revealed, and a betrayer was unveiled.  The finale built great suspense and anticipation for those awaiting the Season 4 […]

“Pitch Perfect” takes the spotlight

It’s “Mean Girls” meets a capella.  Only the mean girls turn nice, avoiding a tragic bus-crash ending. Anna Kendrick, Brittany Snow, and Rebel Wilson star in “Pitch Perfect”, about an all-girl a capella group at Barden University that, by finally straying from the normal, finds itself at the Lincoln Center for the collegiate a capella […]

Making long distance relationships work

If your relationship made it to the end of the school year, you’re probably wondering what’s next. You may be going off to college, going on an exchange program for the summer or just going on a family vacation; and you’re probably trying to decide whether to stay in your relationship or call it quits. […]

To pay or not to pay…

Since the rise of the feminist woman, the male population has had numerous questions, one being “Who pays for the date?” The preference in this subject changes from girl to girl, so here are a few tips to keep from getting either dumped because you didn’t pay, or dumped because you did. First of all, […]