Etiquette is Necessary

This year, I have noticed that there is a part of the student population that either is ignorant of the laws of the hallways or simply thinks themselves above them. There is understood etiquette in the hallways, and those who follow the rules often find themselves hurting due to the few rule breakers. Universal manners […]

Cooking for Teens: Thanksgiving

The older we get, the more parents nag about helping with Thanksgiving dinner. Most of us just want to curl up on the couch and watch the Macy’s Parade and eat h’orderves, but duty calls us to the kitchen. Here are some simple recipes to help your mom but get you out of the kitchen […]

New eateries appear in town

New restaurants have recently opened in West Lafayette, all of which sell snack foods. Like most, Salt and Pepa are avid snackers, and we took it upon ourselves to check out these new eateries. Ben’s Pretzels, next to Game Stop on the Levy, is a new commodity. We have not had any pretzel stores here, […]

Cross Country Runs to State Meet

The last Saturday of October, the cross country state meet was held at the LaVern Gibson Sports Center in Terre Haute. ¬†Twenty-four teams as well and individuals competed for dominance.¬† “We worked hard this year,” said girls’ captain Hayley Yocum ’14. The team started practice mid-summer and has been running six days a week since. […]

Salt n Pepa: Snacking sustains Teens

After an exhausting day of school, many students find themselves raiding their parents’ fridges for snacks that can fill their empty stomachs. Most people snack on a regular basis, but how healthy is it? What kinds of snacks are there for the variety of palates in the world? Salt n Pepa are here to answer […]

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