Film lit is in high demand

This year, the film literature class is in high demand again. When it’s time to make schedules, tons of students put Film Literature on their list because of what students have told them. And the students that end up taking the class, are rarely disappointed due in large part to the material of the class […]

Off Campus: Graduation Edition

Now that you know what to wear to graduation, when and for whom you should buy graduation gifts for, and which graduation parties to attend, it’s time to start thinking about where your family is going to take you for your graduation dinner.  After all, you’re graduating from high school and, as with any big event, you […]

Grinding is uncomfortable

The following article reflects the opinion of the author and is not necessarily the view of any other member of the staff of The Scarlette. When we think of Prom, images of couples in spiffy attire come to mind along with pictures of blaring music, cheesy pictures and… dancing? What schools across the nation have seen […]

Is drinking a problem?

It’s the weekend and you and your friends are making plans. Someone suggests that you go to a party, and you know there will be alcohol there. You know the whole DARE spiel, but really how bad could it be? The answer to that question varies. The obvious answer is: don’t drink. Every student in […]

Are we prepared for college?

Ranked second in the state, our school has a lot of confidence in the way we  prepare students for college. Does West Side live up to its great reputation? We asked West Side alumni from a variety of colleges and teachers for their opinions. Sameer Mishra ’12, a valedictorian last year at West Side,  attends the Ivy League School, Columbia University. […]

students become (cadet) teachers

Having a teaching experience is as easy as talking to your guidance counselor. The Cadet Teaching Program offers second semester seniors an opportunity to go to Cumberland or Happy Hollow to assist an elementary classroom teacher. This program helps students have a realistic experience of a career with which they have an interest and may […]

Class of 2012

  Manahil Abdelsalam Purdue University Engineering Jasmine Abu-Omar Purdue University Wildlife Science Gabriel Acosta Ivy Tech (Indianapolis) Culinary Arts    Claire Adams Purdue University Animal Science David Afolabi Massachusetts Institute of Technology Mechanical Engineering Alyse Allred Purdue University Engineering Brian Anderson Indiana University Business/Finance Catherine Anderson Purdue University Undergraduate Studies    John Applegate Indiana State […]

West Side choirs sing their hearts out

By Alyse Allred Sunday, October 2—as the first nine weeks draws to a close, the choirs of West Side make their debut.  In an extensive evening concert—attended by family, friends, and even former choir students—the choirs showcased their variety and versatility. Performing groups included the three school choirs, Junior High, Concert Choir, and Chorale, in […]

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