WL Dances Displease

Dances occupy a particular place in the American high school experience. Specifically, they are a mix of fun and drama, depending on the various levels of preparation and, of course, the people. However, at West Side in particular, dances are an anchor of drama. Last year, there was extensive controversy concerning the “grinding” that had […]

West Side reacts to Homecoming

The homecoming game is special for players, coaches, fans, and especially the court of kings and queens.  This year’s homecoming game was no different. Since the team has seen a lot of success this year and most of the games are away games, the stands were packed for the 20-14 victory against Rensselaer.  The victory […]

Who’s who at Homecoming

Not sure who to vote for as Homecoming King and Queen? Here’s a breakdown of the candidates: Meghan Moody: Favorite color: Yellow Favorite food: Sushi Favorite TV show: Bones Favorite movie: Step Brothers Favorite class: Bio AP Favorite animal: Leopard Clubs: Wesso, WLDM, SHO, Hanna Center Organization Sports: Softball and Soccer Possible college major/area of […]

Don’t support “Tribal Tuesday”

The student council designated tomorrow September 24th, “Tribal Tuesday.” This theme is racist at its core. Students should not appropriate Native American culture by dressing up as “Indians,” and the administration should not have approved this theme. If you Google search “Indian costume”, images of scantily clad women in fringe and men in war bonnets […]

Dance and cheer show spirit

With scarlet and grey pompoms and their bright smiles, the She Devils and the cheerleaders are a common sight at pep rallies and football games. But why do we rarely see them work together? According to Kaitlynn Krueger ’13, co-captain of the She Devils, the two groups have their differences. The dance team has “more […]

No homecoming Dance

Dress up days. School spirit. Pre-game parade. Football game. Homecoming dance? Homecoming is a busy week for our school. This upcoming one will include club participation in the Homecoming Parade, dress up days corresponding with the New York theme, and a pep session full of performances. At other schools it may be typical for this […]

West Side goes wild

On Monday, September 19th, West Side was a sea of plaid. The day marked the start of Spirit Week, consisting of five different themed dress-up days and culminating with a pep rally, parade, and homecoming football game on Friday night. This year’s theme was “Wild Wild West Side”. While for the majority of the student […]

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