New Internet comes to town

Metronet, the optic fiber cable internet company, is in the process of coming to West Lafayette. FIRST Robotics and ACSL team member Kameron Lutes’15 said this was important¬†because having the type of infrastructure needed to support the new internet type is becoming increasingly important. Lutes said that because¬†“without getting too technical, basically the Internet is […]

google+ has negatives

Many students have created Google+ profiles, but it’s rare to see a single new post on the social networking website. According to the official Google+ blog, 500 million people have Google+ accounts, but only half of those users are actually active. ¬†“I’ve barely used it [my Google+ account],” said Ben Jean ’14. “It looked good, […]

Rediscover the Internet

Pintrest, by Abby Bien When started to become popular, some people were confused at the concept. Is it just a website full of pictures? What do you do on there, just stare at pictures all day? Well, the answer is yes and yes. Although it may sound like a simple and unoriginal idea, Pinterest […]

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