My week without technology

Recently, after years and years of working on my parents to get an iPhone to fit in with the rest of the cool kids, I finally got myself a shiny new black iPhone 5.  However, just weeks after I accomplished my dream, that same phone was stolen.  This tragedy led to my tech-free week, with no […]

How 2 B Hawt Ovr Txt

Since 2007, communication among couples across America has integrated texting, but whereas there are clear rules regarding face-to-face conversation, because it’s literally what separates humans from animals, texting rules are more obscure, as texting is only what separates the 30 year olds from the 20 and under year olds. The ultimate rule to texting is […]

need iHelp?

iPhones have many different apps available to help the average student.

With thousands of apps available for the iPhone, it can be hard to pick and choose which ones are the most useful for the busy and stressed student.  Aside from apps like Angry Birds, Temple Run, Pandora and Facebook, how do you choose which apps are the best for students? APP Description Cost GRAPHING CALCULATOR […]

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