School must adapt after change

Over the summer, West Lafayette High School underwent major changes both cosmetic and practical.   The old locker bay was removed, the cafeteria was expanded (if you were wondering why carpet was put in, the floor was too damaged for tile) and a string of new classrooms were installed. A sense of community is essential to […]

Study at School

One way to manage your time effectively during finals week is to study at school. Although studying at school may seem unappealing, there are some places in our school where students can find peace and quiet to hunker down with their books. Here are some of those places: Behind The Vending Machines: It sounds a […]

Locker Bay Renovations

Renovation rumors put to rest Rumors about a potential high school locker bay renovation project this summer have been in the air for several weeks.  While plans are being made for some changes to the lockers, they will not occur in the immediate future. The possible plan was to remove some of the lockers to […]

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