Should we pay college athletes?

The NCAA, originally founded by Theodore Roosevelt on March 31, 1906, was created to entertain the public and to give college students a chance to play sports competitively. Now, many people wonder if these athletes should be compensated. Payment for college athletes has been getting lots of attention mostly because of Johnny Manziel, last year’s Heisman trophy […]

Minimum wage hike divides workers

Last February, President Barack Obama initiated a movement to raise the minimum wage to nine dollars an hour. This is a large increase for 49 states, including Indiana. Washington is currently the only state with a minimum wage that is nine dollars or higher; their requirement is $9.19 an hour. The goal of such an […]

Make money this summer

With summer break in sight, why not take up something that will make you money and keep you busy? Whether it’s work that allows you to interact with people or work that makes you feel accomplished, these jobs are both fun and productive. Service Clerk at Marsh The best way to see a wide variety […]

eat lunch out on a budget

How can people always go out to lunch? Sure, some of us are loaded…thanks Mom and Dad! But for the rest of us, how do we eat what we want without breaking the bank? Follow the instructions below and you’ll find yourself full, but not broke.  Go down to the strip mall by Jimmy Johns, the Levee, or the […]

Departure Time

Retirement incentive set to lure teachers.   Many students were shocked when they came back to school this year and found nine new teachers.  Some of these new positions were due to retirements, and others because the school is offering some new classes and needed teachers for those spots.  With so many new teachers, it […]

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