Stealing One Foot For A Day

Review: Five Feet Apart Rarely would you ever meet someone fascinating in the one place where someone never wants to be: the hospital. But in the novel Five Feet Apart, it’s a chance a Cystic Fibrosis (CF) patient will take to break her routine of treatments and medicine. Stella Grant is used to being in […]

Sending Love to “To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before”

To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before has hit Netflix and if my Instagram explore page is any indication, people have been obsessed with it. Based on Jenny Han’s bestselling novel, this adaptation has been captivating people with its feel-good main couple, relatable self-awareness, and feisty sisters of the Covey household. As for my opinion, […]

Big screen bullies

  1.. Draco Malfoy– Played by Tom Felton, Malfoy was a foil character to Harry Potter in all seven of the Harry Potter movies. He was actually loosely based on bullies that the author, J.K. Rowling, would have to deal with in her younger days, and he has played a large part in all the […]

“300: Rise of an Empire” does not rise far

  “300: Rise of an Empire” is exactly what you would expect from a sequel to “300,” which is a mediocre testosterone-fueled gore fest whose 102 minuets are filled with enough CG blood to fill the Straits of Salamis. “300 Rise of an Empire” is a exaggerated telling of Battle of Salamis, a navel battle that took place […]

“The Lego Movie” builds laughter

“The Lego Movie” brought a lot more to the table than anyone first thought it would. When the trailers for Warner Bros. next animated move were first released several months, many were skeptical as  it appeared to be one more attempt of corporate Hollywood to earn a quick dollar. However, as the release date drew closer […]

It’s a cold time for movies

The end of 2013 was a great time for movies.  Between “The Hobbit,” “American Hustle,” “Anchorman 2″and “The Wolf of Wall Street,” there was plenty for audiences to choose between in December alone.  Now though, it’s not so easy to find something worth watching. There are a couple obvious reasons why this would happen.  First, […]

“Her” is deserving of praise

With the recent release of the Oscar nominees, one of the titles that stands out is “Her” by director Spike Jonze, starring master actor Joaquin Phoenix. “Her” is a black horse in the Oscar Best Picture race that has the potential to come through as a winner, if not f or Best Picture then certainly […]

Top 5 movies to see this year

5. Disney makes a refreshing change to its usual animated movies in “Frozen.” It is a story of a queen pushed out of her kingdom by people who fear her power over ice and snow, but after she leaves, her kingdom is thrust into eternal winter. The queen’s younger sister must travel up a mountain […]

“Catching Fire” burns bright

The Hunger Games: Catching Fire” was released November 22nd to an eager audience patiently awaiting the premiere of the sequel to the “The Hunger Games” that was released a mere 20 months earlier. The fans of the Suzanne Collins novels were not disappointed by director Francis Lawrence’s adaptation of the second novel in the “The Hunger Games trilogy,” […]

“Carrie” is accidentally funny

“Carrie” is yet another example of Hollywood rehashing movies that were originally successful to try and earn a quick buck. Large film studios are afraid of taking risks with original screen plays. If you want to watch a good movie, just watch the original “Carrie.” “Carrie,” based on Stephen King’s debut novel “Carrie” published in 1974, was […]

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