Hydration is necessary

You’re sitting in class and decide you would like a drink of water.  You have a water bottle sitting in the side pocket of your backpack so you reach down and pick it up.  You begin to twist off the top and, as if the teacher has been just waiting for you to take a […]

Departure Time

Retirement incentive set to lure teachers.   Many students were shocked when they came back to school this year and found nine new teachers.  Some of these new positions were due to retirements, and others because the school is offering some new classes and needed teachers for those spots.  With so many new teachers, it […]

Who am I???

– I was born on July 6, 1965.   – I grew up in Kokomo, Indiana and have two younger sisters.   – I attended Purdue University and majored in education, but also considered a career in engineering.   – I have been teaching for 25 years.   – In my spare time, I enjoy […]

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