Film lit is in high demand

This year, the film literature class is in high demand again. When it’s time to make schedules, tons of students put Film Literature on their list because of what students have told them. And the students that end up taking the class, are rarely disappointed due in large part to the material of the class […]

In-class movies educate

When a teacher pulls out the SmartBoard remote and queues up the projector, a wide variety of responses can be seen from the students. Some students pump their fists into the air and yell “YES!”, while others groan and roll their eyes, and still others pull on their hoodies and prepare for a 50 minute […]

Good, bad of film-lit

Film Lit is a highly sought after class at West Side. In this class, avid movie-goers get the chance to test out their cinematic skills. As it turns out, students at West Side are successful at translating their interests into their projects.  “There hasn’t been a bad one yet [this year],” said Film Lit teacher Mr. […]

Turning the tables: Former students who now work alongside their teachers

Former West Side student Mrs. Brooks (far right in back) teaches student turned West Side English teacher(2nd from right in front) When a high school student thinks of who their colleagues will be in twenty years, they most likely do not think that one day they will be working along side their English AP teacher. […]

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