Who am I???

I was born in Lafayette, Indiana on May 22, 1960. I went to Jefferson High School. The most interesting place I have ever been to has to be New York City. I went to Purdue and studied Anthropology, I liked History a lot. The number one thing on my bucket list has to be something […]

School changes over Summer

West Lafayette Jr./ Sr. High School has been changing rapidly since its construction more than 70 years ago. In the last three years, the Junior High locker bay has been moved, the commons area has been put in, an entire locker bay has been relocated and the cafeteria has been expanded. Through all of these changes, the […]

Spend a day with Mr. Shriner

In an average day, students will probably see Mr. Shriner around two or three times, at the beginning and end of the day or at lunch. But many wonder what he does during the majority of the day while we are in class. As it turns out, Shriner is a very busy man. While some of […]

Departure Time

Retirement incentive set to lure teachers.   Many students were shocked when they came back to school this year and found nine new teachers.  Some of these new positions were due to retirements, and others because the school is offering some new classes and needed teachers for those spots.  With so many new teachers, it […]

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