The Mixtape: Episode Four

Episode Four: On the Right Foot When a New Year begins, not only people are ready to let go of the negative thoughts and feelings that they hold but also to welcome the positive vibes, and Set It Off wants to make sure that happens. “Midnight Thoughts” is a single that the Tampa-based rock band […]

The Mixtape: Episode Three

Episode Three: The Breakout Edge Make Out Monday formed when brothers Zack and Jeremy Shada combined their music projects into one. Before the formation, Zack worked alongside drummer Seth Renken and lead guitarist John Spicer. Jeremy and former rhythm guitarist Logan Charles were already working on their own music. When coming up with the band […]

The Mixtape: Episode Two

Episode Two: A New Beginning It has been nearly five years since Canadian singer Avril Lavigne dropped a studio album, and after not being in the spotlight for a long time, she has released her comeback single Head Above Water on Sept. 19. Lavigne is most known for her punk-influenced pop anthems and grunge ballads […]

The Mixtape: Episode One

Episode One: A Personal History Through Song The Good Parts is American singer Andy Grammer’s fourth and latest album, released on Dec. 1, 2017. Grammar described this album to be different from his other releases because the lyrics delve deeply into matters of his personal life. Known for his bold lyricism in his songs, this […]

Local music exceeds expectations

[iframe]<iframe width=”560″ height=”315″ src=”//” frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen></iframe>[/iframe]   Most high school students listen to music made by well-known stars, signed with large record labels and living thousands of miles away in LA or New York.  But what about music found right here in Lafayette? Simply walking around downtown Lafayette, going to music nights at local cafes, […]

Natalia Ochoa Strums to Her Own Tune

For many, playing the guitar is hard enough.  Playing two guitar parts in sync with each other?  Seemingly impossible.  But Natalia Ochoa’15 proves, again and again, that such a thing is possible.  She posts guitar covers of popular songs (such as “Skinny Love” by Bon Iver) on her Youtube channel, overdubbing herself to play both the […]

Isabelle Li hits all the right notes

Most students are specialists in an instrument or in a specific subject. Once in awhile, a particular student proves that a person can be proficient at multiple activites like Isabelle Li’16, who has twice the musical talent with both the piano and the violin. Many students may see her carrying around a violin at school and sitting concertmaster in […]

A cappella: where less is more

No instruments, no conductor, just voices and some sheet music. What could you possibly do with with only voices? As it turns out, many great things can happen, including the a cappella groups of West Side: Perfect Pitches and Priority Male. The first step to join Perfect Pitches, the girls’ a cappella group, is to […]

Erin Brophy ’14 is a natural talent

Erin Brophy ’14 with a bow and violin means mellifluous sounds that fill your ear. Brophy with a soccer ball means domination on the field. Brophy with running shoes means zooming past the finish line. Most students are whole-heartedly involved in one extracurricular activity, whether it’s academic, musical or athletic. It is an arduous task for […]

Concerts take over Summer

Summer is a time when students are free from dreadful school work and tests.  It is a time when  students go on exotic vacations with family, hang out with friends, or just stay in their bed all day watching Netflix.  Luckily for those who enjoy live concerts, it was an unforgettable summer. It seemed as […]

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