Pit Shines Without the Spotlight

Don’t tell the cast, but there’s another musical group helping contribute to the performance. The unsung, unseen star of the musical? The pit orchestra. This group of talented and dedicated musicians provides the soundtrack for the annual musical, although they certainly get less of the figurative and literal limelight.  (In fact, they can’t even see […]

Review: Pirates of Penzance

Pirates of Penzance keeps crowds laughing. On the weekend of April 19th and 20th, the musical “Pirates of Penzance” was presented by a group of theatrical West Side students. The musical featured countless catchy tunes, some audience favorites including, “I am a Pirate King” and “Poor Wandering One”. The actors worked on the musical almost […]

“Les Mis” from stage to screen

  My first memory of hearing the songs of  Les Miserables was in middle school, while driving to visit my grandparents with my family. My dad and I spent the entire trip listening to the musical, pausing sporadically so he could explain to me what each song was about. Jean Valjean’s struggle to escape his […]

DCOM’s bring back memories

Ask any fellow Scarlette staff member what story I’ve been wanting to write for literally a year, and they’ll tell you it’s DCOM’s. This article is my dream; DCOM’s were my life growing up. If you’re one of those kids who grew up without experiencing the pure gold that are Disney Channel Original Movies, I’m sorry, […]

Into the woods we go

The school musical is an annual occurrence at West Side. The shows chosen are usually little-known musicals that have questionable morals (for example, last year’s undoubtedly politically-incorrect and confusing “Little Mary Sunshine”), but the musical chosen this year was a lot more well-known. This year’s choice was “Into the Woods,” a play about Cinderella, Little […]

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