Catwalk to Class: Ellen Drummond

Fashion’s in the family for Ellen Drummond. High schoolers usually fall into into the two categories of taking a conscious effort with fashion or eschewing style in favor of comfort. Ellen Drummond ’14, however, is in a select third category of looking stylish without appearing to try too hard. “I don’t really wear showy things, […]

Catwalk to Class: Polina Alekseenko

Polina Alekseenko has an eye for experiments. Polina Alekseenko ’13 has a style that speaks to her personality. Her decidedly intellectual wardrobe is rife with menswear, vintage pieces and briefcases (her trademark accessory). “I like to experiment with a lot of different things,” said Polina. Although she has no standard outfit, she has recently worn a lot […]

Catwalk to Class: Michael Deranek

Michael Deranek dresses cool at work and school. The entertainment industry is notorious for both style and selectivity. Michael Deranek ’14 has not only established himself as a reputable DJ in West Lafayette, but also has a look fit for his coveted career. “I like earthy, natural colors and older, more vintage stuff,” said Michael. He […]

Featured Senior: Drew Rudman

Drew Rudman ’13 is the director of his life. From film to friends, Drew Rudman ’13 brings to everything he does a strong work ethic and a positive attitude. “He’s a smart guy and a great friend who always thinks of others first,” said Justyn Roland ’13 Drew can often be seen on the sidelines […]

Catwalk to Class: Lauren Godshall

Lauren Godshall ’13 starts small to make style statement. Personal style can seem daunting to develop when one believes a complete closet makeover is in order. Lauren Godshall knows, however, that it only takes one piece at a time to make a statement. For Lauren, it’s all in the shoes. “Whatever shoes I put on in the morning, that’s […]

Dance has low turn-out

The second VISTA dance of the year on Saturday, February 23rd had record low student turn-out. “It was the worst VISTA dance I have every gone to,” said Lucy Gotwals ’13. “I can’t believe that I paid $10 to stand in an empty gym.  Gotwals’ other complaints included that there were too many faculty members […]

Catwalk to Class: Ellie Brower

Ellie Brower is conservatively chic. The days of crop-tops, daisy dukes and cut-outs are long gone and leading the way into the revival of classy is Ellie Brower ’13. Brower described her style as “conservative and feminine” with “preppy streaks.” She enjoys wearing dresses and skirts and said a typical outfit would “probably involve a […]

Lunch Hot Spots Torn Down

[By Amy He, Neha Ramani and Abby Bien] It was announced early last week that the Northwestern Street complex will be soon demolished to be replaced by a five-story apartment building. Aside from the new living facilities, the first floor of the building will contain many of the current eateries along with new businesses. The […]

Catwalk to Class: Cami Brown

Cami Brown is fashion forward. Many students see school as an extension of the bedroom in terms of what they wear. In contrast, Cami Brown ‘13 has a style that is fit for both classroom and boardroom. She describes her look as “a business style with casual prints and statement pieces.” She loves wearing skirts, […]

IN education to change

A little over a month ago on Tuesday, November 6th, former schoolteacher Glenda Ritz beat incumbent Tony Bennet to become Indiana’s next superintendent of education. During his tenure, Tony Bennet brought sweeping change to Indiana education.  He was an advocate of standardized testing and teacher evaluations  tied to pay.  He supported charter schools and the […]

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