William Mbongo soars

In sports there are some athletes that soar above the rest, and one such athlete is William Mbongo’14. He always liked running and physical activity in general, which is why he started sports. He stumbled upon basketball and never looked back. “I started playing basketball in 7th grade on the B team and worked my […]

When bad weather strikes

This year in the West Lafayette community, there has been a lot of talk about weather.  The weather this year has been particularly rough and strenuous on the West Lafayette school system. “Safety is always the key thing, we want to make sure students are safe both coming to school and leaving.  So that if […]

Teammate chemistry is at its max

“It’s nice to have played with Parker for so long, there’s kind of a chemistry.  We both understand football pretty well and if either of us see something, we can easily talk it out and see whats happening.  It’s nice because we both are on the same page all the time,” said Woodard. “Because we’ve […]

Top 5 sports moments of 2013


West Side reacts to Homecoming

The homecoming game is special for players, coaches, fans, and especially the court of kings and queens.  This year’s homecoming game was no different. Since the team has seen a lot of success this year and most of the games are away games, the stands were packed for the 20-14 victory against Rensselaer.  The victory […]

Should we pay college athletes?

The NCAA, originally founded by Theodore Roosevelt on March 31, 1906, was created to entertain the public and to give college students a chance to play sports competitively. Now, many people wonder if these athletes should be compensated. Payment for college athletes has been getting lots of attention mostly because of Johnny Manziel, last year’s Heisman trophy […]