What is the typical West Sider?

Late November is the beginning of every basketball season, and that brings the area schools together in one gym for the boys and girls J & C Hoops Classic. This unifying event shows the true colors of how every school feels about each others’ students, which usually includes a lot of stereotyping of the West Lafayette […]

Etiquette is Necessary

This year, I have noticed that there is a part of the student population that either is ignorant of the laws of the hallways or simply thinks themselves above them. There is understood etiquette in the hallways, and those who follow the rules often find themselves hurting due to the few rule breakers. Universal manners […]

In-class movies educate

When a teacher pulls out the SmartBoard remote and queues up the projector, a wide variety of responses can be seen from the students. Some students pump their fists into the air and yell “YES!”, while others groan and roll their eyes, and still others pull on their hoodies and prepare for a 50 minute […]

Tough Love: The first step to dating

Stage One: The Big Question “Will you go out with me?” These famous, awkward first words have been the start of many relationships, but what’s the story behind this banal phrase?  Does a lot of thought go into it, or is it just ad-libbed? Is the gesture appreciated, or are they hoping for more?   We asked […]

Voter ID laws protect elections

Elections. They are the beating heart of the democratic system, the means by which citizens direct the path of their country. They must be safeguarded against fraud and deception and must not be tampered with. In this vein, despite claims of discrimination, voter ID laws are an effective tool. The crusade for voter ID laws, […]

We must argue with respect

It’s human nature to strongly advocate your own beliefs and not be open to other viewpoints, but as we grow older, respect is a trait that we must develop. As repetitive as it may sound, everyone is entitled to look at the world with a unique perspective, and they deserve a fair chance to share […]

Set for a Har-bowl

The question going around many peoples minds at the moment is… who’s going to win Super Bowl 47 in New Orleans? After my favorite team the Packers got kicked out of the playoffs in the divisional round, I had to seriously think about who I wanted to see in the Super Bowl, and I’ve looked at […]

What is tardy?

Too many tardies can cause detentions for students.

Along with the beginning of a new school year comes the introduction of each individual teacher’s tardy policies. Each teacher has their own rules about tardiness.  “I think it’s up to the individual teacher to set their standards for their classroom”, stated Mrs. Harding.  The one rule that irritates some students is being in your […]

Are fundraisers fun?

Although not one of the bigger schools in the area, West Side is home to a plethora of clubs.  Whether your interests include art, volunteer work, or protecting the environment, there is a club for anyone and everyone at our school. But what goes on behind the scenes for different clubs is something that we […]

Facebook: How much is too much?

In a world where social networking continues to grow, it has become common for people to post incredibly personal information online.  Facebook has created a place where people share personal stories about themselves that they most likely would not have shared in person. The most important aspect that comes into question is freedom of speech.  […]

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