Erin Brophy ’14 is a natural talent

Erin Brophy ’14 with a bow and violin means mellifluous sounds that fill your ear. Brophy with a soccer ball means domination on the field. Brophy with running shoes means zooming past the finish line. Most students are whole-heartedly involved in one extracurricular activity, whether it’s academic, musical or athletic. It is an arduous task for […]

Daniel Rollock Excels

If anyone is having a tough day, a conversation with Daniel Rollock might just clear those rain clouds over their head and provide a little sunshine. He uses his positive energy to benefit others through his busy schedule of multiple activities and projects he does every week. One of the activities he participates in is the […]

Symphony succeeds at state

Photo by Neha Ramani

The West Side symphony placed fourth at their state competition on Saturday, May 4th. This was the second year in a row the symphony went to State to compete for a place among the best symphonies in Indiana. “We have been practicing a lot, and we’ve had two lunchtime rehearsals,” explained Lizzie Timberlake ’13, who […]

Featured Senior: Anna Searle

Anna Searle is all-around awesome. From the soccer field to the classroom, Anna Searle ’13 maintains an energetic attitude and hard-working mindset. To everything she does, Anna brings her diverse background and sense of humor. “I think I’m really lucky because I’ve grown up being exposed to two really different cultures,” Anna said about growing up in […]

musicians compete for gold

Indiana State School Musical Association (ISSMA) Solo & Ensemble  is a routine competition for most students in the West Side music department. Participation is required for all of the school’s orchestra members and all seventh and eighth grade band students. The Wind, Percussion and Strings Solo & Ensemble is on the 26 of January this year […]

All songs come to a close

End-of-year concerts evoke sentiments of nostalgia among students. As the year comes to a close, West Side’s various music groups showcased their repertoires at their final concerts for the year. The first of the series of performances was the orchestra’s “String Festival” on Sunday, April 29th. The event was broken up into two separate concerts […]

All-State orchestra is a success!

On January 21st, West Lafayette High School was well represented in the All-State Orchestra performance in Fort Wayne. The school is very proud to have nine of our very own talented students perform in a concert containing the state’s finest musicians. At the performance all the songs were played beautifully, and members of the audience […]