Itamar Raizman was born to paint

Itamar Raizman’14 has been passionate about art since he was young. “He was  born holding a brush,” said friend Caesar Ndelcu’14. “I just really like to paint and draw things.  I don’t know why but it’s fun,” Raizman said. According to friend Edgar Llamas’14, art runs in Raizman’s family.  “His whole family paints.  He paints, […]

Art History takes Chicago

Sitting in a classroom learning about world-famous art pieces can be fun, but seeing them in person is ideal. “I think it’s important that the students see real artwork; the pictures in the book don’t do the pieces justice.” said art teacher Mrs. Yoder.  That’s why Yoder’s third and fourth hour Art History AP classes […]

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