Isabelle Li hits all the right notes

Most students are specialists in an instrument or in a specific subject. Once in awhile, a particular student proves that a person can be proficient at multiple activites like Isabelle Li’16, who has twice the musical talent with both the piano and the violin. Many students may see her carrying around a violin at school and sitting concertmaster in […]

Patton lights the stage

Kelsey Patton ’13 can instantly turn anyone’s bad mood into a cheerful mood. Her friend, Maggie Furtner ’13, describes Patton’s dazzling personality as “happy, nice, bubbly, cute and whimsical. She’s such a good friend by being caring, sincere, fun, a perfect balance. Kelsey is the bomb dot com!” So what is the secret to Patton’s […]

Briagha McTavish breaks into the big leagues

By Abby Bien If you know who Briagha McTavish is, you probably think of her as a quirky dresser, who is outgoing and talented with a viola. What you might not know is that she is an aspiring singer and songwriter, writing both the music and melody with piano and guitar. She began singing when […]

Cultures collide at OCMC

Every year on the second Tuesday of February, West Side transforms into something akin to Disney World’s Epcot World Showcase through One Community Many Cultures (OCMC). At OCMC, not only are the countries of the required world languages of German, French, and Spanish represented, but also countries the countries of origin of West Side’s diverse […]