Who am I???: David “Coach” Wood

I was born on in Indianapolis, IN I went to  Pike High School The most interesting place I have been to Australia I have 2 kids and 2 stepkids I like to watch old movies and old TV shows I have worked for 20 years in this building I went to  the University of Indianapolis […]

Don’t support “Tribal Tuesday”

The student council designated tomorrow September 24th, “Tribal Tuesday.” This theme is racist at its core. Students should not appropriate Native American culture by dressing up as “Indians,” and the administration should not have approved this theme. If you Google search “Indian costume”, images of scantily clad women in fringe and men in war bonnets […]

Voter ID Laws are undemocratic

In 2005, Indiana passed a law that required all voters to show a form of photo ID before casting their ballots. This was one of the United States’ first voter ID laws, and it is one of the nation’s strictest. Though the law is relatively new, its intent is familiar to anyone who has heard […]

Racism prominent at Purdue

In the past year, Purdue University has reported eleven hate crimes and hundreds of other racist incidents. The FBI  ranked the school second in the nation in the amount of hate crimes and racial incidents. On April 22, a march was hosted by the Purdue Black Cultural Center. The march was not intended to be in response to […]

Brad Paisley tackles racism, fails

Country music star Brad Paisley chose to discuss the weighty topic of racism in his new song “Accidental Racist.” The song is a complete mess both musically and in addressing the subject matter. Released on his new album Wheelhouse, it deals with racial tensions boldly and clumsily, cementing the song’s title as a label for Paisley himself. […]

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