To Recite or Not to Recite, That is the Question

The 4th Annual National Shakespeare Monologue Competition was a smashing success here at West Side. Students from all grades arrived to recite the best monologues from the annals of The Bard, William Shakespeare. Also yes, there was a reward for all participants in the form of cookies and games afterward. To get an idea of […]

Summer Movie Guide

Summer movies to stifle boredom. Every summer, students reach a point where they actually want school to start again, if only to have something to do with themselves. This feeling is quickly stifled once school actually starts again. To prevent boredom so chronic you want to return to class, go see a new movie. The […]

review: A midsummer Night’s Dream

Four/Five stars Pao Hall, Hansen Theater: September 26th-30th The Purdue Theatre’s production of “A Midsummer Night’s Dream” at Pao Hall on Purdue Campus was entertaining and met the expectations I had as far as entertainment, though it did disappoint me in some areas like continuity. It opens with a chaotic scene from Quince’s house, a […]

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