Making long distance relationships work

If your relationship made it to the end of the school year, you’re probably wondering what’s next. You may be going off to college, going on an exchange program for the summer or just going on a family vacation; and you’re probably trying to decide whether to stay in your relationship or call it quits. […]

To pay or not to pay…

Since the rise of the feminist woman, the male population has had numerous questions, one being “Who pays for the date?” The preference in this subject changes from girl to girl, so here are a few tips to keep from getting either dumped because you didn’t pay, or dumped because you did. First of all, […]

Dedicated athletes continue to train year round

     West Side’s sports teams are pretty intense. From warm-ups to conditioning sessions, the season seems like a blur that ends abruptly. So what do athletes do when their sport isn’t in season? Some students choose to participate in other school teams, while others choose to continue in their sport, but off season. The purpose […]

Halloween Slideshow

Halloween has come and gone, leaving us these scary specters to look back on.  

Swords Clash

 The sound of clanging metal is heard throughout the room, but this isn’t a movie set–this is West Side’s Fencing Club. The club started in 2003 at Jeff and moved to West Side when the sponsor, Mr. Levy, began teaching here in 2006. It aims to give students the opportunity to learn and compete in […]

West Side choirs sing their hearts out

By Alyse Allred Sunday, October 2—as the first nine weeks draws to a close, the choirs of West Side make their debut.  In an extensive evening concert—attended by family, friends, and even former choir students—the choirs showcased their variety and versatility. Performing groups included the three school choirs, Junior High, Concert Choir, and Chorale, in […]