Communication Requires New Rules

With every new way of communication, there comes a new set of rules for proper etiquette. Here is the staff of the Scarlette’s dos and don’ts for social media. Facebook:  Although Facebook used to be popular, now it’s really only used by the older generation. So use Facebook to communicate with family, and to post […]

Hold athletes higher

It is sadly not unusual for a student to be caught partying. With recent events, we here at the newspaper began to wonder what the differences in punishment are for athletes and non-athletes. Upon investigating the rules and how they are executed, the Scarlette had a lively debate about the role of the Athletic Department […]

New policy dooms dances

Last year, Principal Shriner announced over the P.A. system that students’ behavior at school dances should refrain from being “lewd, crude, or gross.” While the staff of “The Scarlette” respects this sentiment, we believe that the school’s new dance policy is, quite frankly, unrealistic. When school dances limited students to “face to face” dancing last year, […]

Staff Editorial: School food flops

What makes a good lunch? The staff of The Scarlette agrees that a so-called “good lunch” is not readily available here at West Side. Sure, the school has provided many options for even the pickiest of eaters, but the nutritional value of the food they are serving is well under par. Many entrees offered on the […]

If you get a tattoo, do it right

As time goes on, tattoos are becoming more accepted by the majority of society. There is less of a stigma attached to body art than there was twenty or even ten years ago, and the lessening of stereotypes associated with tattoos has made them more common, even among high school students. High school students should […]

Carry your Head High and Smile

It is foolish to say bullying does not exist in our school. We have all seen it in the classroom, in the hallways, and in social media. You might not realize what you have seen, as physical bullying here is a rarity and news of a fight spreads across the school like wildfire. Emotional bullying, […]

School must adapt after change

Over the summer, West Lafayette High School underwent major changes both cosmetic and practical.   The old locker bay was removed, the cafeteria was expanded (if you were wondering why carpet was put in, the floor was too damaged for tile) and a string of new classrooms were installed. A sense of community is essential to […]

Too much RDP?

While walking the hallways between class  it’s not uncommon to hear the comment, “West Side’s the best.” , being thrown around, especially in comparison to the surrounding high schools.  Although it is true that academically WLHS is successful, the staff of The Scarlette feels that our bark may be bigger than our bite. School is for […]

Teachers with guns?

In light of the recent shootings at Sandy Hook Elementary School, the National Rifle Association has made a shocking suggestion: to protect our students, we should arm our teachers. The staff of The Scarlette feels that this idea is completely inappropriate; however, we do agree that our school and students in particular do not know […]

Sandy Hook prompts safety

On December 14, 2012 at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut, twenty students and six adults were shot and killed by twenty year-old Adam Lanza.  Sandy Hook Elementary had more security than West Lafayette High School, only allowing visitors who were buzzed into the school to enter, but Lanza broke a window and crawled […]

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