New process for forming clubs started

As of the beginning of this year, the school is changing the way they evaluate new clubs and organizations.  Ms. Newgent, math teacher and staff sponsor of the student council said, the school is not trying to cut down on the number of clubs in total. “The problem that we’ve run into is that students […]

Stud Co takes control of votes

The week after Spring Break, the Student Council held a meeting to decide how to elect executives for the next year. They decided that representatives will still be elected by the student body, but the Executive Board will be voted on by the Student Council members themselves. Andrew Redd ’13 was Student Council President for […]

What happens in student council?

Yasmeen Hafeez ’14 sits-in and reports on a Student Council meeting. Does anyone who is not apart of our Student Council really know what goes on behind closed doors? (Actually, the doors were open in lecture hall 1135.) Well if you were curious, I have the 411 on their February 13th meeting. The council’s officers started […]

Redd-y or Not

Andrew Redd ’13, student body president, handles tons of extracurricular activities with ease. A bustling group of kids sits in the lecture hall, talking, some yelling over one another, then a commanding voice calls for attention. This is the usual beginning to a Student Council meeting. “This year we have different committees for events, like […]

Dancing queens (and kings)

How are dance courts actually decided? Fall and winter homecoming court is nominated and then voted on by the student body at large. For school dances, specific clubs do the nominations themselves, leaving the rest of the school to wonder why and how they choose certain nominees. “We [VISTA] all get in a room and […]

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