Seriously Speaking 2/27/14

If you had to rename the school mascot, what would you name it?    

In-class movies educate

When a teacher pulls out the SmartBoard remote and queues up the projector, a wide variety of responses can be seen from the students. Some students pump their fists into the air and yell “YES!”, while others groan and roll their eyes, and still others pull on their hoodies and prepare for a 50 minute […]

Seriously Speaking 8/16

What was your first impression of West Side?         

Featured Senior: Drew Rudman

Drew Rudman ’13 is the director of his life. From film to friends, Drew Rudman ’13 brings to everything he does a strong work ethic and a positive attitude. “He’s a smart guy and a great friend who always thinks of others first,” said Justyn Roland ’13 Drew can often be seen on the sidelines […]

Wylie Gorup

Wylie is involved in numerous clubs including Student Council (of which she was class president her Sophomore year), WeSSO, VISTA (vice president this year), SADD, yearbook, National Honors Society, and French Club. “I’ve met a lot of my friends in clubs, especially a lot of the upperclassmen when I was younger,” she said. Playing volleyball […]

Art For A Cause is a success

On Saturday April 14th, a small crowd gathered in the junior high gym for the Student Humanitarian Organization’s fourth annual “Art for a Cause” event. All money raised by the silent art auction goes to an or ganization called “Seeds of Hope,”which is based in Indianapolis and distributes funds to aid schools and children in […]

Student Survival 101–How to survive this winter break

By Alyse Allred Squeaking hallways. Holiday music between classes. A holly, jolly atmosphere mingled with the “get us the heck out of here” aura. All the signs are pointing to one thing: Christmas Break. It’s that wonderful time of year when we finally have time to do all the nothing that we’ve missed out on. […]

Student Survival 101–Common Contagions

By Alyse Allred It’s the holiday season, that special time of year that people start noticing their neighbors again, and attempt giving awkward peace offerings of baked goods before promptly forgetting about them again for another year. The festivities at this time include annual sharing . . . where people hand off their sicknesses to […]

Student Survival 101: Hallway Terrors

By Alyse Allred West Side is one of those schools graced by a fairly-manageable sized student body. Which means that you are afforded at least a couple inches of elbow room in the hallways. Usually. Of course there are always exceptions. At those times, that pretty little personal bubble goes pop. Sometimes you’re lucky to […]

Student Survival 101–Club Control

 By Alyse Allred Over the last couple weeks, I’ve noticed a change in the locker bays (aside from the fresh, first-nine-weeks stench). Whereas earlier everything was barren, we are now practically drowning in brightly colored fliers. This, of course, can only mean one thing: The clubs have arrived. With the first term nearing its end, […]