Construction takes over office

Over spring break, West Lafayette Jr. Sr. High School began major construction on the main office area. The high school office, guidance counselor’s rooms and the nurse’s room have all been changed in some way.

Rat trap finds mild success

On February 8, West Lafayette Dance Marathon (WLDM) threw West Side’s first dance since the school implemented its new dance policy. The Rat Trap’s line-dancing theme was chosen before non-“front-to-front” dancing was banned. “Not many people came to the Rat Trap last year, and Shelby [Mann ’14] and Nikki [Shiver ’14] went to a line […]

Schladetzky wired on art

Walk into the West Lafayette City Hall and you’ll see a small collection of welded sculptures. These aren’t made by some hired artist, but by one of West Side’s own seniors, Max Schladetzky. He uses welding and found objects to create his own unique pieces of art. “They’re very modern and an interesting perspective on […]

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