Sports superstitions continue

There are lots of things that West Side sports teams consider to be traditions, they can be anything from wearing special clothes on game days to having special rituals right before they play.  Some athletes directly relate these traditions to wins or losses.  If it works, why change it?

Seriously Speaking 8/16

What was your first impression of West Side?         

Head swim coach resigns

After this past swimming and diving season, Coach Debbie Fruitt resigned as head coach in order to spend more time with her family. Athletic Director Brock Touloukian says he’s taking the usual procedures of hiring a new coach. “We have multiple teacher openings,” said Touloukian.  “The word’s out that we’re looking.” With many teachers retiring […]

Colonis flies through water

When Brandon Colonis ’14 was six years old, his local swimming club needed an extra swimmer for their relay team.  He decided to join and hasn’t stopped swimming since. Brandon moved to West Lafayette when he was eight years old and joined Boilermaker Aquatics.  With the exception of playing football in junior high, his main […]

By the numbers

Various winter sports, including basketball, have recently started their seasons

2- hours in a typical girls basketball practice 4- place the boys’ basketball team received in the J&C Hoops Classics 14- number of weight classes in IHSAA wrestling 15- (February) the date of the Hoops for Hope game vs. Harrison 16- number of seniors in winter sports 34- length (in years) of Mr. Overley’s football […]

Girls’ Swimming is a commitment

For many students, swimming is limited to summer vacation at the beach or pool. Once school begins and the weather gets chilly, their bathing suits are packed away. However, some girls start swimming more once winter comes around, spending the majority of their free time in the pool. These girls are on the swim team and they […]

Hidden Gems- Summer

As the school year draws to a close the only thing anyone can think about is summer.  Visions of icy sodas, swimsuits, and sleeping in are on everyone’s mind.  As we approach June, another fact is clear–it is going to be one hot summer.  With temperatures already in the 70s during March, the hot weather […]

Dedicated athletes continue to train year round

     West Side’s sports teams are pretty intense. From warm-ups to conditioning sessions, the season seems like a blur that ends abruptly. So what do athletes do when their sport isn’t in season? Some students choose to participate in other school teams, while others choose to continue in their sport, but off season. The purpose […]

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