Students Get “Inked”

Although parental consent is required in the state of Indiana for a person under 18 to get a tattoo, several West Lafayette students are already inked. “About 10% of my customers are minors,” said Sean McGill, the co-owner of Lafayette-based DragonsBane Tattoo. He said that underage customers must have a legal guardian accompany them, and […]

If you get a tattoo, do it right

As time goes on, tattoos are becoming more accepted by the majority of society. There is less of a stigma attached to body art than there was twenty or even ten years ago, and the lessening of stereotypes associated with tattoos has made them more common, even among high school students. High school students should […]

Catwalk to Class: Lauren Godshall

Lauren Godshall ’13 starts small to make style statement. Personal style can seem daunting to develop when one believes a complete closet makeover is in order. Lauren Godshall knows, however, that it only takes one piece at a time to make a statement. For Lauren, it’s all in the shoes. “Whatever shoes I put on in the morning, that’s […]

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