Classrooms get wired

It seems as if society revolves around this crazed obsession of having the newest gadgets, and people just can’t get enough of it. So it only seems inevitable that schools should and will use technology in the classrooms as well. Despite, the official school policy, “no personal listening device-including cell phones are allowed for student […]

New tech class comes to WL

Starting next year, the school will offer a new course called Computer Repair/Technical Support. This class is designed to fill a void in the technical education offered by this school, namely,  how to physically repair computers. The school board construction approval request describes the class this way: “Students could earn credit for learning how to work on […]

My week without technology

Recently, after years and years of working on my parents to get an iPhone to fit in with the rest of the cool kids, I finally got myself a shiny new black iPhone 5.  However, just weeks after I accomplished my dream, that same phone was stolen.  This tragedy led to my tech-free week, with no […]

Make Windows 8 into Windows great

West Side is Tech-Savvy

Whether it’s the media center, a computer room, or a classroom, you sit down and take a look at the computer before you. You turn the screen on and a username and password box pops up. You type in your username and your password and hit enter. After waiting for what seems like ages, here you […]

Tablet technology has its setbacks

Have you gotten in trouble for taking out your cellphone during class? Students have been bringing their various versions of mobile technology to school, but now these devices are being implemented in classes to utilize their academic aspects. Two classes, Mr. Lubben’s physics classes and Student Publications, started using school-issued iPads to add a multimedia […]

Mixing fashion and technology

Technology and Fashion: Fashology By Abby Bien      Often times people don’t put fashion and technology in the same sentence. But online fashion blogs are changing that. More and more, dozens of trendy girls and boys are taking their fashion sense to the Internet. Using applications  like blogspot and tumblr, they upload pictures of outfits, […]

West Side’s new look

  West Lafayette High School has dived into an era of technological advancement.  Gone are the days of the familiar blue and white lockers of the Junior High locker bay.  In their place stands a brand new speaker system, four 60 inch LCD televisions, an open lounging area, and a sleek black stage.  Walking into […]

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