Seriously Speaking 16/12

What question does “Airline Food” answer?

Grace Malone ’14: The Amazing Grace

Ever since she was young, Grace Malone has been playing and dominating every sport that she could get her hands on. Whether it be soccer, track, softball, swimming, or gymnastics, Malone has been highly active and working hard to make herself one of West Side’s most prominent athletes. “She’s just really hard-working, and always positive […]

West Side makes more changes

With school violence becoming more and more common, schools all around the United States and other countries are finding ways to step up their security, and West Lafayette Jr./ Sr. High School is no different. West Side was constructed more than 70 years ago, and it is still finding ways to improve its’ look and efficiency. Less than […]

Students playing the system

Over the years, as the demand to leave study halls to goof off in the media center or other teachers’ classrooms has increased, the amount of fraudulent study passes has been increasing right along with it. Students who have some free time on their hands or have a boring study hall often take advantage of how easy […]

Languages exchange students

Every summer, there are multiple opportunities for West Side students who are studying foreign languages to experience their chosen language and culture firsthand. Two out of the the three languages offered, French and German, have established relationships with foreign schools and implemented an exchange program there. West Side sees the French and German students throughout our […]