Winter friendly fashion is easy

It’s hard to find the motivation and energy even to look decent on school mornings during the winter. All you want to do is stay in your warm bed as long as possible and just walk right out the door wearing a onesie or the first article of  clothing you see. But with these simple tips, hopefully […]

Winter Sports in a Nutshell

  Many West Lafayette Fall sports teams ended their season with a favorable ending.  Girl’s soccer won their first ever class A state championship, boy’s and girl’s cross country finished ninth and fourth respectively at state, and volleyball brought home a sectional title.  As winter sports quickly approaches, the teams participating hope to continue this […]

Do you Dare to Bear?

Winter, snow, sledding, beaches, and swimsuits?  While the seasons of winter and summer might be polar opposites, that hasn’t stopped the Riverside Ice Skating rink from hosting Dare to Bear, an event where participants skate in their swimming suits.  This February 1st, the rink traditionally filled with winter coats, scarves and gloves will be taken over by skaters in […]

Want winning winter style?

It’s December. It’s the time of the year when all you want to wear is sweatpants and a hoodie. Here are some outfit DIY formulas that can get you in the game. On wintry, blah days when you have to go out but you’d rather be sitting by the fire place, sipping hot cocoa, throw […]

Coffee keeps winter at bay

When winter comes around, students flock to the heated rooms and warm drinks of the local coffee shops.  Their cool crème color décor   provides a welcome contrast to the flurries of snow which are starting to occupy the streets. Coffee houses can provide the relaxed atmosphere to study for a final or finish a paper, […]

Stay in shape this winter

  We all agree that getting to the gym takes motivation.  While the importance of staying in shape has been stressed all of our lives, it is still hard to find the motivation to go from sitting on our couch to running on a treadmill.  When winter rolls around, that little motivation we used to have, seems […]

Come soon, holiday season!

Jingle bells, jingle bells, jingle all the way. Oh what fun it is to celebrate winter holidays every day. Winter holidays are so fun, so why should we limit ourselves to only celebrate and prepare for them in December? Popularized by the television show “Workaholics”,people have even started celebrating the holiday Half Christmas, which comes […]

Winter Brings Sickness

It’s winter and you’re sick…again. Most people think of wintertime as the season when people get the most colds, flues, and other illnesses, causing them to miss more school. But at West Side, this isn’t always the case said Mr. Slauter, assistant principal. “Students start to realize that they only have a few more days left […]

Student Survival 101–How to survive this winter break

By Alyse Allred Squeaking hallways. Holiday music between classes. A holly, jolly atmosphere mingled with the “get us the heck out of here” aura. All the signs are pointing to one thing: Christmas Break. It’s that wonderful time of year when we finally have time to do all the nothing that we’ve missed out on. […]

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