“Tammy” Rocks the fall

Fall play is one of the annual events that happens in West Side. It’s not only about the show itself, it’s about all the efforts that have been put into it–the characters, the sound effects, the lights, the back stage, the director, etc. This year the play was about a uncommon girl called Tammy,  a dinosaur living in a common family. Stress takes a big part of her life, stress from school, brother and the misunderstanding by other people. After she cheated by many people around her, she kills a lot of them. At the end, Tammy is in jail, and even though she has conflicts with her true friend, they are reconciled.

Tammy was played by Gia Bradford, a senior who participates in plays and musicals a lot times. “I like Tammy because it is funny, but even though it’s funny every character is an allegory or exaggeration of people we see in our everyday lives. I like how everything has a meaning,” she says. As the show is not only related to the cast, but also all other people who put efforts in it, “The director and assistant directors and backstage hands were essential to show and glued the show together. The show couldn’t have been done without them. ”  

TAMMY ROARS:  “Tammy is an allegory for teen angst and teen problems. Sh just wants to fit in and be accepted by her peers. However, after the weight of the world crushes her she snaps, but even after everything there is still hope,” Gia Bradford, a senior who acts Tammy says.

The play also becomes valuable to people involved in it, “I focus on what I am doing and I felt really good about the cast, all of them are really nice and I was able to make some new friends.”Senior Mariam, who is a stage manger  said. 

All in all, the play was well done and brought big impact to students’ stage experiences and even to their social lives.


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