The cafeteria’s debut delayed until January

When it comes to construction Courtney FitzSimons, the head of the new cafeteria, says it best, “The biggest thing is, anytime you’re working with construction there’s so many moving pieces that it doesn’t always come together when it’s supposed to.” And that’s exactly what happened to the highly anticipated cafeteria. The cafeteria was supposed to be open and running the week after fall break, about three weeks ago. Unfortunately, the project has had some hiccups in the construction part. “One of the things that we experienced wasn’t until a couple of weeks ago before fall break that we came and walked this [the cafeteria] and we said, ‘There’s no way this is going to be done,’” FitzSimons said. 

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There are a lot of things the cafeteria needs before students can go in and use it. “And it’s really all in the construction central; when it’s going to be done. When they can get everyone in to do their things. And at that point when it’ll be done, then we have to bring the Health Department in. And the Health Department has to inspect it and give us a permit. And at that point we have to bring in all of our stuff, and clean, and make sure it’s good to go,” FitzSimons said. It’s safe to say that the cafeteria won’t be done for quite some time. In fact it won’t be done until after winter break. FitzSimons said, “And at this point in time we’re really anticipating that we probably won’t be able to open until we come back in January.”

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