The Change Leader Turns Teacher

Mr Cullen: Mr. Cullen teaches his 1st hour Intro to Accounting class. So far, the class has learned the basics of the accounting equation “Assets always equals Liabilities plus Owners Equity.”

“After a robust twenty-four year business career, I always wanted to teach,” said new teacher Mr. Cullen.  “I realized I should do it now because I’m not getting any younger.”

Prior to becoming the new Business and AP Computer Science teacher, Mr. Cullen spent most of his working life as a  “change leader” for various corporations. Mr. Cullen would be called in to help combat challenges in divisions of businesses or corporations.

“I would like to incorporate my business knowledge into the classroom as much as I can,” said Mr. Cullen. “I have had the benefit of doing a lot of things in the business world.  I want to bring the good, the bad, and the ugly of the business world into the classroom.”

Mr. Cullen believes that students can learn and acquire many different beneficial attributes from the business world that can help make them be more responsible and well-rounded individuals.  Already, in the middle of his second year of teaching, he has noticed a few positive outcomes from incorporating his business philosophies into his classroom. He particularly likes to see the students understand the materials.

Mr. Cullen spent the 2017/2018 school year, his first year of teaching, at Western Boone High School. West Lafayette’s academic reputation and a more convenient commute are two of the reasons Mr. Cullen decided to move schools. So far, he has not noticed a ton of overwhelming differences between Western Boone and West Lafayette.

“I really liked my old school, but West Lafayette is more academically rigorous,” said Mr. Cullen

Mr. Cullen has enjoyed his teaching career so far, and is looking forward to working with the students at West Lafayette.  

Mr. Cullen said,“I love the ah-ha moments. They make my day.”

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