The Mixtape: Episode One

Episode One: A Personal History Through Song

The Good Parts emphasizes difficult moments in Grammer’s life that he had to go through. He is currently sharing his story by touring the country with his tour of the same title.

The Good Parts is American singer Andy Grammer’s fourth and latest album, released on Dec. 1, 2017. Grammar described this album to be different from his other releases because the lyrics delve deeply into matters of his personal life.

Known for his bold lyricism in his songs, this album is no exception. From recently becoming a father with the birth of his daughter Louie in August to the loss of his mother to breast cancer, there are plenty of emotional and relatable topics addressed. He also mentioned that everybody has a story, and most of the time, the difficult parts are held below the surface. Yet in his story, those parts come to the surface.

There are 13 tracks––totalling approximately 42 minutes. The title of each track mostly pertains to the feeling where you have to make a hard decision in a situation.



One word cannot describe how endearing and thoughtful each of these tracks becomes. His passionate performance and powerful words, accompanied by the backing of his familiar upbeat pop-soul fusion style that fans have come to know and love leaves me speechless.

In contrast, Grammar could have experimented with a more mellow and toned down style in this album as well. If he did, there is a possibility that the songs that will take on this style might be similar to other slow songs for the purpose of emphasizing the deep lyrics. I applaud him for being able to mix those deep lyrics with his upbeat style.

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