The Mixtape: Episode Three

Episode Three: The Breakout Edge

Make Out Monday performs in various comic cons around the world, from San Diego to Australia. This is due to the fact that singer Jeremy Shada voices Finn the Human in the well-known cartoon Adventure Time. Avid fans of the show may recognize his voice in the band’s songs.

Make Out Monday formed when brothers Zack and Jeremy Shada combined their music projects into one. Before the formation, Zack worked alongside drummer Seth Renken and lead guitarist John Spicer. Jeremy and former rhythm guitarist Logan Charles were already working on their own music. When coming up with the band name, “Make Out Monday” arose. Members dug it for the creativity the named offered between the literal connotation and the shared hatred of Monday.

In the four years that the band has been active, their music never ceases to exceed expectations of those who listen, and Visions of Hollywood follows this reputation. The 12-track album, which totals approximately 42 minutes in length, shows off their specialization in storytelling, especially when it comes to old-school love stories.

Take a listen here:

Every track in this album, no matter the tempo, keeps my energy up and distracts me from whatever issue is on my mind. The lyrics are easy to understand and very catchy. I suggest listening to some of them on your headphones because you can feel your ears tingling to the crescendos at the beginning, especially in “American Cinema.”

The band also made sure to balance the heavy tunes with slower tempos, especially when you compare tracks like the more upbeat “Bullet For Your Sweetheart” and the slower “Mascara Lines.” Visions of Hollywood wouldn’t be a good debut if all the songs had nothing to balance it out tempo-wise.

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