The Mixtape: Episode Two

Episode Two: A New Beginning

Head Above Water is inspired by Lavigne’s battle with Lyme Disease. It all began when she prayed, “God, please help to keep my head above the water.”

It has been nearly five years since Canadian singer Avril Lavigne dropped a studio album, and after not being in the spotlight for a long time, she has released her comeback single Head Above Water on Sept. 19. Lavigne is most known for her punk-influenced pop anthems and grunge ballads back in the early 2000s. While there are undertones of the style in this single, it differs from that of her other songs, especially noting the more contemporary tone.

Lavigne was diagnosed with Lyme Disease three years ago, leaving her bedridden for months. This battle inspired the song, more particularly at a vulnerable moment where she felt like she was drowning and accepted that she was going to die. In a moment of prayer, lyrics not only began for Head Above Water but for the rest of her upcoming album as well.

The contemporary-pop fusion may seem new to her résumé, but she does it well by accompanying her surprisingly beautiful vocal-ranges and deep lyricism. This long sabbatical from the pop spotlight not only gave her inspiration from her experience but also made her voice more powerful than before.

Take a listen here:

This song took me back to the past where I needed a hand to hold as I went through hardships, just like how Lavigne turned to God to keep her head up as she was bedridden with the disease. I’m hoping that other people who listen to this find a new beginning in whatever they’re going through in life.

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