The new cafeteria will be expanding students’ horizons and lunches

 Want to build your own pizza? Want pasta today? Build your own tacos? How about the classic rotating lunches that we all love? And our beloved french fries? All of these options will be available in the new cafeteria coming next month, right after fall break. 

The new cafeteria will be emulating the style of a college campus dining hall. A food court with all different kinds of seating possibilities: booths, tables, or counter tops. 

“All of the options will be available in one place; in one circle,” Ivan Balicky, the head of the cafeteria, said. 

“That’s what we were going for. Trying to make it kind of a Purdue style food-court,” Courtney FitzSimmons, the Food Service Director, said. 

 With the new physical set up for the cafeteria, there will also be a lot of new options for lunch. The new cafeteria is bringing the Pizzeria, where you can build your own pizza. There will be the “Express,” which will be similar to the now “Grab & Go.” It will have pre-made items in baskets, making it quick and easy to grab your favorite meals. The “RDP Skillet” will also be a new addition. 


All of the food in the new cafeteria will be made right in front of the students.


“We’re going to try to bring some food you guys are not used to yet,” Ivan Balicky said. This addition will alternate weekly, rotating from a pasta bar, taco bar, and other themes. 

“West Side Diner” will be the new regular lunch line. It will have all of the normal meals that, currently, you can purchase at the Hembrough Cafe. The last station that will be available in the new cafeteria is the “Fresh” station. It will hold all of the cold meals: parfaits, salads, sandwiches, etc. There will also be a bar in the middle of the circle that will hold the fresh fruits and vegetables. 

There are a lot of new things to look forward to in the new cafeteria. Different meal options, different location, and a different system. It will be making its debut the week after Fall Break. 

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