The Reappearing Act: Monsieur Tetrault Returns

HELPING HAND – Monsieur Michael Tetrault talks with seventh grader Adam Stocks at the beginning of the period. The young students have just begun their studies into French language and culture. “I’ve gotten to reconnect with students that I’ve had in the past and also to meet some new ones, so it’s a lot of fun and very affirming but also a real privilege to make connections with kids.”

New administrators, new teachers, new students. As the school year picks up speed, you may feel overwhelmed by the number of new faces roaming the halls this fall. A familiar face the school is thrilled to welcome back, however, is that of Michael Tetrault. Returning after a two-year break, Tetrault is here part-time teaching Exploratory French and French 1.

Tetrault is only teaching periods 1-3. “I get all the perks of coming in, working with kids, teaching a few classes, and then I have the rest of the day to go back to my other work.” Tetrault said “My other work is just a few blocks down the road, and I’m working with students through that avenue as well, so I’m still connected to the community very well.” He continued, “I consider myself really privileged in that way.”

It’s no secret that the school changes from year to year.

“Over the district there’s a lot of new things happening that were not happening two years ago,” Tetrault said. “But what is really exciting is that upheaval has not impacted the classroom environment and it hasn’t impacted the actual school culture.”

Taking a couple of years to practice in a new field of work can affect anyone’s point of view and approach to teaching.“Coming back to the classroom after working with students in a non-school capacity for a couple of years, I think I’m seeing students through a slightly different lens,” Tetrault said. This year he is “trying to be considerate of all the things that kids have to deal with in addition to just [his] class.”

As for things he’s keeping consistent, Tetrault said “I’m really excited about music and the possibilities that learning a new language opens” as it “allows you to meet and connect to new people and new ways of thinking.” He is very passionate about opening students up to new possibilities and said, “I think the best bet to get anybody interested in the things you’re interested in is to be authentic and be excited about the things that excite you because that’s contagious and people will catch it.”

Excited to begin the year, Tetrault said, “All the teachers in this building are genuinely super happy to be working with such an incredible population of students.”

“They just have so much to bring to the table just from who they are.”

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