The Results Are In

As many of you are aware, the Student Council recently had the elections taking place. For each incoming grade, the student had the right to vote for their class president, vice president, and secretary.

For the incoming senior class, Emma Dunford won the president election. “I do a lot of behind the scenes work for student council and have participated in a almost all of the fundraisers held.”Emma also said she will go out of her way to communicate with outsiders to get the information she needs in order to be a strong president. Also, she states she not afraid to put aside her personal life,stay after school, and even give up her lunch hour to get stuff done. Following the president comes the vice president, which is Measa Ogas. Which leads to the last role for the senior class, secretary, who will be Hawk Pusey.

For the incoming Junior class only had one person running for president, which was Thomas Day. “I have been the 2019 class president since 8th grade.” He also said in his election video that he’s been raising money for the upcoming prom and been increasing the funds for the event. “As president I will organize fundraisers and meet with teachers in the administration. The Vice president is Parker Smith following Shefali Prabhakar as the secretary.

For the incoming Sophomore class, it came down to a very close ballet, but Christina Shi won the presidential election. She states that she has a long history of being in student council and she’s been the class president before. “Over the years, I’ve been proven to be responsible, hard working, and a strong leader.” Christiana is also apart of many school clubs including best buddies, reach, and unified track. She believes that she has what it takes to make the school a better place. Following the president is the VP which is Emre Keskin. Lastly, the secretary is Benjamin Dunford.

All in all, the student council election may not seem like a big deal to some, but especially for the seniors, the president determines their final year attending west side and has a job along the road for reunions.


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