The start of the year for the a cappella groups was in perfect harmony

Now that it’s October, clubs and organizations are in full swing, not excluding the revered a cappella groups, Perfect Pitches and Priority Male. Perfect Pitches had their first performance on Sunday, September 22 at the choir concert. The heads of the Perfect Pitches and Priority Male, Alice Lin and Gavin Duffy, respectively, recently held auditions to start off the year.

“First of all we had a call-out and people signed up for an audition. We had them sing one minute of any song they wanted. And then we gave callbacks,” Alice Lin said. Perfect Pitches ended up giving 18 callbacks. They took 15 members, 7 of those being new members. 


Alice Lin, 12, smiles as she plays the alto part on the piano. Perfect Pitches rehearsed their new song, Payphone, last Thursday. “We have some really upbeat songs this year,” Lin said.

That was not the case for Priority Male this year. Unfortunately, there has been a lack of members in the all-male singing group, but the leader of the group, Gavin Duffy, is taking extra steps to ensure they will have a great year.

“Even though there were auditions and everything, I’ve also been trying to talk to people individually and get them to really consider joining,” Duffy said. He is currently working on getting multiple performance dates, more than last year, to try to encourage new members. 

“If I show the school that we’re really more involved, then maybe more people would be interested in joining.”

Both a cappella groups have been working hard in their rehearsals, getting ready for their next performance. Make sure to stop by a performance sometime this year. Currently, Perfect Pitches plan on having a concert in the commons for Red Ribbon Week.

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